10 example direct speech

By: ariffebriyanto

Mar 28 2012

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1.      1. “I can go to library every day,” She said

2.      2.“ I’m waiting for ann,” he said

3.      3. John (phoning from the station), “I’m trying to get a taxi.”

4.      4. Siska says,” The sun rises every morning.

5.     5.  She yelled at me : ‘Don’t leave the door open!

6.     6.  ‘My mother says to my sister : ‘Brush your teeth!

7.     7.  ”where are you going?’’ she asked

8.     8.  He said, “I went to school every day.”

9.      9. He said, “Go to school every day.”

10.  10. He said, “I am going to school every day.”





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